Hey, hi, hello!

My name is Alex Sundberg and I am the newest marketing intern for Proyecto Peru. I arrived here June 8, 2017 and I will be staying for one month in the majestic city of Cusco!

I am originally from Colorado, USA, but I am currently a student at the University of California, Berkeley studying Political Economics.


Corpus Christi with the school

I originally found out about Proyecto Peru from one of my good friends, who volunteered with Proyecto Peru in June of 2016. She talked highly about her incredible adventures and the impactful volunteer experiences she had while in Cusco.
Knowing how much she loved working with Proyecto Peru and how much she enjoyed the city of Peru, I thought I would take a chance and apply to the program.

After accepting a position as a marketing intern in May, I waited in anticipation for my departure for Cusco.

Typical festival food

I was hesitant at first to embark on such a big adventure and to go away for so long, but I can tell you it has been absolutely worth it! I am incredibly grateful for the experience Proyecto Peru has given me so far and I would not change a thing.

Although I had some difficulties initially with adjusting to the altitude, I am enjoying everyday getting to know the city and my co-workers!

Plaza de armas, Cusco

While I am only here for a short time longer, I am looking forward to each day where I can learn more about Peru’s culture and people, explore the ins and outs of Cusco, and continue to get to know the people I have met through Proyecto Peru!