Hi guys!

My name is Britt, I am from The Netherlands and I will be the new marketing intern of Proyecto Peru!

On the 25th of February, I arrived in Cusco to start my internship at Proyecto Peru for 5 months, a long time!

First, let me introduce myself.
My name is Britt and I am 23 years old.
I am a student in Groningen, The Netherlands where I study International Business & Languages.
The International and the Languages part is why I am here in Cuzco.
And actually the business part too, because I am going to be a marketing intern at Proyecto Peru.
So I guess you will see me often!

Why an internship in Peru?

I have always wanted to go to South America, I don’t know why but it attracts me.
Now I’m here in Peru and it is nothing like any other country I visited.
I am still adjusting to the altitude, the culture and the new tasks I will be doing here combined with Spanish lessons.
When you have any tips for good restaurants, shops, tours, other things to see or do or how to behave here in Peru, please let me know!
I really like good food and discovering nice places, and I am also a photographer so I need to know all the good photo spots!
I am looking forward to meeting you all, please feel free to have a chat with me or to ask me all you want to know.

Hasta pronto!

My first impression of Cusco
My first impression of Cusco
My first impression of Cusco