This is Andrew, our English coordinator!

I’m Andrew Pixton from Salt Lake City, Utah. I came to Cusco in January of 2016 for a school internship. It was my last semester with the University of Utah, partnering with an NGO. I taught English at homes for disadvantaged girls and assisted with village projects. In May, I finished both of my bachelor’s degrees in Philosophy and International Relations with an emphasis in sustainable economic development.

What happened next?

On finishing the internship, I had changed from a plan to leave Cusco after a few months to wanting to live and work here. I loved it too much to leave so soon. I went on a few more backpacking trips before returning to Utah to visit family. One month later I came back to complete my TEFL certification. This would allow me to teach English professionally instead of just as a volunteer, and thus allow me to live in Peru for as long as I want. I started working at Proyecto shortly after, still enjoying every minute of it.


Andrew Blog

There are a number of things about Peru, and especially Cusco, that drew me to stay. The people are beautiful, especially their children. I fell in love with the kids I taught and still visit them when I can. I love their culture and the near constant celebrations and parades in the plazas. I love exploring Cusco and nearby areas. Peru has gorgeous jungles, deserts, beaches, and mountains. Cusco is surrounded by mountains I need only walk up to for a hike and sometimes I’ll find some ruins or a religious monument.

I love working at Proyecto because I my coworkers are solid and fun to work with. My students are dedicated and beautiful. Private classes allow me to cater the lessons to each students needs and we get to know each other really well, creating a good friendship. Proyecto has cultural events each week for their students and is a great place for different cultures all over the world to come together and bond. I also teach classes to our business clients at remote locations that’s a challenge I enjoy.

Cusco view
Cusco, Peru