Hi Guys,

I’m Lara, a Dutch social sciences student in Amsterdam and, back in Cusco! The moment I left Cusco in August after a 7-week stay with Proyecto Peru, I knew I would come back (soon). I loved the culture, the people, the weather (no rain season, so good), the food, the salsa and mucho, mucho mas!



So I did come back! The beginning of March I arrived to stay here for another 2 months. This time is a little more special for me, because I had the chance to go back for my bachelor thesis of university. When I was here the last time, I already thought about how amazing it would be to go back for my study. I wanted to learn more about the Peruvian culture and was curious how the kids in the volunteer projects thought about their development. That is why I am here for my thesis. I am going to interview kids and volunteers about their opinion about the influences of the volunteer projects on the development of the kids.


Internship/Volunteering, Proyecto Peru

The time I was in The Netherlands I was trying to plan everything in order to come back for my thesis. My teacher at university was, just like me, really enthusiastic and told me I could go! When I knew I could go, when to go and when I found a suitable project to work at with the help of Proyecto Peru, my second time in Cusco was about to start!

Internship project, Cusco
Internship Project, Cusco
Being back in Cusco

Being back here feels so good, almost like I never left. The first night I was here I already went to dance salsa and I visited San Pedro market the next day. It is such an easy city to live in. Now I live in an apartment close to the city centre with Britt, another intern at Proyecto Peru. Even the flooding in our ‘gezellige’ house, drowning my laptop like that and having to visit a Peruvian hospital because I fell because of the water, can’t ruin the good mood I’m in here.

So if you want to go here for an internship or to do research like I am doing, don’t hesitate. With a little help from your school and Proyecto Peru, a lot is possible!

Shared apartment
Shared apartment, once a week sushi!
Ausangate with Britt