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Most European and North American visitors with a valid passport are permitted to stay in Peru for 183 days without any visa requirements. ALWAYS ASK CUSTOM AGENTS FOR 183 DAYS IF YOU PLAN TO STAY LONGER IN PERU. However, travelers from all African countries (except South Africa), Middle Eastern and Eastern European countries must pre arrange their tourist visas: You can visit this web site to know exactly for which country you need a visa to visit Peru:

Entering Peru

If you leave Peru during your stay, you can reenter Peru without any problems, as long as your total stay doesn’t exceed the permitted 183 days per calendar year. A traveler must show his or her passport upon entry, which must be valid at least 6 months from the date of your arrival. An onward flight ticket is officially required to enter the country. Upon arrival in Peru, you will be given a tourist visa ticket which you should keep in a safe place. You will need to show this ticket when you exit the country.


All international flights arrive at the airport in Lima, the capital of Peru. There are plenty of available flights from Lima to Cusco. Be aware that your luggage will never go directly to Cusco. You always have to retrieve your luggage in Lima, go through customs and then check- in for your flight to Cusco. Some (inexperienced) airport personnel will tell you that your luggage will go straight to Cusco but that is not always possible.
If you want to stay in Lima for a few days, never trust the taxi drivers outside the airport. Always choose a reputable, secure taxi. Make sure you that make a reservation at a secure hostel before you arrive.


The Peruvian currency is the “Nuevo Sol”. However, some big companies use U.S. dollars. Local shops and markets only accept Soles. We recommend exchanging money in banks or in “casas de cambio” because they offer more security and guarantees. NOTE: If you plan to exchange U.S. dollars, try to bring the newest and cleanest bills possible. Most places (even banks!) will NOT accept dollars that look old, dirty or torn. There are only a few companies that accept credit cards.

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