Hi everyone!

Last week I got the opportunity to go with Anne, one of our volunteers, to her volunteering project. It was great to be there so I would like to share something about the visit!

After school program
I met with Anne at a plaza near the bus stop. Apparantly we had to go by bus for about 30 minutes, I did not know Cusco was that big!
While we drove the scenery became poorer and poorer, seeing this is also part of the Cusco experience.
It made me also become quite happy, because our destination was a volunteering project where underprivileged children get good care and positive attention.
I am happy Anne was there, because otherwise I didn’t had a clue of where to get off the bus.
We arrived at the project and immediately some kids stormed at us for hugs, this was a very warm welcome!
There were some more volunteers and the owner of the project who gave me a warm welcome as well.
Anne told me that the volunteers mostly help the kids with their homework. They play with the kids, they eat with them and teach the kids hygiene by brushing teeth and washing hands with the kids


Today Anne had to take a couple of children to the dentist and I went with her. It was mostly waiting on the children to be finished with their treatment. We kind of enjoyed it, because outside it was raining and hailing like crazy so waiting inside wasn’t a problem.
I really liked the system of dentistry students performing the treatments on the children. Most of the children have really bad teeth and, because of that, they need good healthcare. The parents often can’t afford this, so the program with free treatments is really win-win for the children and for the dentistry students to become the best dentists.

The children were very brave and really liked my camera. This became even more clear when we went back to the project and all the children almost jumped on me because they wanted to be on the picture. When I went home I had around 200 pictures on my camera!

What Anne liked the most about the project was playing with the kids, which became clear when a boy jumped on her lap while she was actually saying that. She told me that for her, volunteering was a great way of traveling, because you learn Spanish very well, you immerse yourself in the local culture and, by that, you learn a lot about the local way of living and the culture of the people who actually live here.

Thank you Anne for showing me your project! I surely got enthusiastic!